July 09, 2015

Acontece Brazilian Magazine July 2015 Cover page and Interview

GOLD'S FIRST FULL COVER!! Acontece Magazine & Acontece.com

Alessandra Gold's Interview with Acontece Magazine "I believe on emerging designers, so we work together to build their brands"

October 06, 2014

AVENTURA Magazine - Miami's Got Talent - The best designer



      Miami's Got Talent 


What's New in Miami ? MIAMI'S GOT TALENT

Just picked up the new Aventura Magazine today!! Guess who got Named top10 Miami Designer!! Yessss ... da sneaks bizz
Wanna read the full article or know who are the other 9 chosen designers?! If i n Miami pick up a comp copy at the best bookshops and coffee-shops or go online!!


All about an amazing designer Alessandra Gold ! She rocks Miami with her Sneakers !

Founder and owner of the Alessandra Gold Concept Store and creative director for KruZin Footwear.



October 01, 2014


Featured on Overdope Magazine Editorial, to read the full article go to: http://overdope.com/archives/209779

AVAILABLE to pre-order on www.alessandragold.com
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Limited Edition, Shipment will arrive in 30-45 days

KRUZIN MIAMI ART SERIES -- DON'T WALK. WEAR ART! "Miami is becoming a cultural melting pot where some of the world's most cutting edge international events happen: Art Basel Miami, Winter Music Conference, ULTRA, Miami International Fashion Week / Swim Week ... bringing people from all over the world to Miami. KRUZIN has managed to become an international bridge for art, culture, lifestyle and fashion. That is why it made sense to create a line "Miami Art Series" that celebrates what Art Basel means to art worldwide."

Featured Artists for Fall Winter 2014

· Kruzin x Yuri Tuma : born in Sao Paulo (Brazil), and living and working in Miami. Tuma’s art centers around photography, but he is a frequent collaborator in other media including video, sculpture, fashion and installation art. His art involves transformation of photograph images into formulaic patterns creating optical art pieces unusual to the field of photography.

· Kruzin x Malcolm Stuart : working and living in LA, Malcolm is at the forefront of contemporary airbrush art and is well known for his custom hand air brushed art and painting onto apparel, adopted by artist mavens such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Ke$ha and the emerging fashion house JoyRich.

September 13, 2014

Kruzin was Featured in Milk Magazine

Kruzin Miami Art Series Collection was Featured on Milk Magazine 

September 13, 2014

Kruzin Featured on Choc Magazine

Kruzin Miami Art Series Collection was Featured on Choc Magazine September 2014 Issue

September 13, 2014

Kruzin was Featured on Overdope Magazine

Kruzin Pop Up Store Launch Party Featured on Overdope Magazine September 2014 Issue

KRUZIN POP-UP STORE Opening Event Highlights

Image concept store convey new visual feast
KRUZIN specially selected breeze Zhongxiao museum in eastern Taipei stylish, on August 29 for the first time the grand opening of POP-UP STORE, the day held a grand OPENING PARTY, and synchronize published 2014 Winter selection of stylish casual shoes Miami Art Series Miami fashion art series, as fashion trends into a new spark and visual feast, combining to create a "fashion" and the latest space "trend", showing that this series of communication "WEAR ART" wear brand philosophy of art; store arranged to bold and lively as the design inspiration, the whole store with red, white Cabinet with imitation wood floors and brick walls, the style is simple and strong, in-store wall also to the image of the designer shoes according to reflect KRUZIN combination of American and Eastern culture fashion casual style, but also to convey KRUZIN uphold the bold and brave spirit of the brand to show themselves.

Opening Party Malcolm Stuart gift hand-painted tide T detonated climax
KRUZIN POP-UP STORE at the opening OPENING PARTY, all sectors of the influx of people flocked to the pilgrimage organized by the evening, the event packed, KRUZIN special invitation from the United States across the sea to Alessandra Gold brand creative director and Miami Fashion Art Series joint artist Malcom Stuart also join the festivities to the site, to see this trend of industry events.

Joint artist Malcolm Stuart is particularly the KRUZIN spirit of the brand "Do not walk, stand!" Doing interesting extension of the casual shoes English "SNEAKER" into homonym "SNEAK" to his best painting art drawing up an exclusive to KRUZIN The big gift. That night was the culmination of a joint LIVE PAINTING SHOW KRUZIN artist Malcolm Stuart in the field, in addition to the substantial KRUZIN painting paintings, Malcom site draws more yards three painting T-Shirt in PARTY, and the influx of these three pieces of hand-painted T gift for on-site VIP sweepstakes, detonated activities climax.

PARTY DJ scene also arranged a sizzling atmosphere, and on-site erection of fun KRUZIN image back, so guests can experience the KRUZIN scene lively and confident brand performance.


Read on http://overdope.com/archives/206606

September 13, 2014

Kruzin Featured on ETLife

Kruzin Pop Up Store Launch Party Featured on ETLife Magazine September 2014 Issue


Little Devil flash shop breeze Zhongxiao Harlem series coming out next quarter launch trailer

In order to quickly accumulate a topic of conversation, let more people know the brand, to create Pop-Up Store (flash shop) is among the most ram promotional practices, founded in the 29th America's Tide brand KRUZIN flash in the breeze of Zhongxiao 1F shop, held an opening event and the opening Party. Party scene more personally invited creative director Alessandra Gold site, also invited the fall and winter fashion Miami Art Series shoe designer Malcolm Stuart went to the site, and with his good gun paintings, lucky friends for on-site painting T-Shirt, show impressive creativity.

Four-month flash shop, decoration and are not sloppy, the overall white with red, simple but visible details of the layout, create a brand wants to convey the atmosphere; brand KRUZIN Logo of i, there is a small red devil's head above, this Head also stars as a display wall of a red shoe exhibition area. In addition, there's the little devil only store layout, careful attention to paragraph toe flat shoes, in front are also little devil's head, detail everywhere devil.

Miami Fashion Art Series got four artists shoes, the first wave will be launched Malcolm Stuart (Malcolm) and Yuri Tuma (Yuri) works; both in Chinese Year of the Horse for design inspiration, Malcolm uses his shoes good gun painted wind, a closer look can be found in horse chestnut, in which; Yuri is good at geometry, can be found in his works, the use of a number of strong bold colors, he mews for inspiration, to create a combination of inspiration Square . Brand also notice, from 2012 onwards King of Rock Harlem joined creation, promotion ranks of designers is expected to launch the new shoes in the next quarter. According to the image, places Do not Walk, Wear Art. Theme, echoing the spirit of the brand as "Do not Walk, ______" slogan


Read More on http://etlife.tw/article.php?news=150617&channel=22

September 13, 2014

Kruzin Featured on Juksy Magazine

Kruzin Pop Up Store Launch Party Featured on Milk Magazine September 2014 Issue

[KRUZIN X Miami Art Series] Miami Fashion Art Series shoes Art Meets Fashion


To celebrate the 2013 Basel Art Fair (Art Basel) in KRUZIN Design Camp - Miami gala organized, KRUZIN launch a special limited edition collaboration with four international artists Joint shoes - called"Miami Fashion Art Series" , Courtyard artists include: Malcolm Stuart , Yuri Tuma, James Velez and Guava ; are modern fashion artists, they also have the courage to express themselves and strong personal characteristics, just combine with KRUZIN brand concept, four artists KRUZIN exclusive new totem tailored to produce this Ci Miami Art Series joint series of shoes.

2014 autumn and winter, KRUZIN which first introduced the works of two artists, Malcolm Stuart (Malcolm), and Yuri Tuma (Yuri) works, when art meets fashion, definitely exciting.


Read on http://www.juksy.com/archives/35035

September 13, 2014

Kruzin Featured on Cool Magazine


Kruzin Miami Art Series Collection was Featured on Cool Magazine September 2014 Issue


Stores Watch | KRUZIN POP-UP STORE @ Taipei Zhongxiao breeze Miami Art Series shoes dazzling fashion stage


Casual shoes brand from the United States KRUZIN, at (8/29) today officially stationed in eastern Taipei, Zhongxiao museum in the breeze to create a period of nearly six months of POP-UP STORE, and synchronize published 2014 Winter Miami Art Series Miami fashion art series, exhibition the 2014 Winter selection of American casual shoes, more Taiwanese street fashion enthusiasts into a new shopping landmark. Into KRUZIN POP-UP STORE immediately by this red, white line cabinet tower with concrete, brick wall decor attracted both table a bold use of color, creative stitching KRUZIN shoes each is the protagonist, but also clearly convey KRUZIN Since its founding in 2008 to uphold the Do not Walk, Stand! attitude.

2014 Winter KRUZIN selection of Miami Art Series Miami fashion art series shoes, is the brand to celebrate Art Basel Miami, especially the four international artists in collaboration with the launch of a limited joint shoes, whether it is contemporary painting art pioneer Malcolm Stuart, or is good at using formulaic totem create visual art Yumi Tuma, also, or flat cartoon artist Guava de Artist, forge new artist Kamikvze - by James Velez, four artists have a strong work style tailored for KRUZIN a new exclusive totem, but also creating artwork like to wear on their feet like a joint shoes. The first appearance is Malcolm Stuart and Yumi Tuma creative series.


Read on http://www.cool-style.com.tw/wd/archives/100791


September 13, 2014

Kruzin Featured on MILK Magazine

Kruzin Pop Up Store Launch Party Featured on Milk Magazine September 2014 Issue

 Interviews Alessandra Gold, where she talks about the Miami Art Series Collection with Artists Yuri Tuma, Guava the Artist, Kamikvze and Malcolm Stuart 

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